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Drop Spindle Kit

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Handcrafted in western Massachusetts, this top whorl drop spindle weighs approximately 1.5 ozs. The spindle length is 12" and the whorl has a 2.5" diameter and is notched. Kit includes 2 oz of Corriedale combed top.

I started spinning a few years ago. After many years of knitting, weaving, and dyeing it was one aspect of fiber I’d never really explored. Much to my surprise I became completely fascinated with the process and haven’t really gone a day without spending time with my drop spindle since. I have acquired a wheel, but still love my spindles. My husband is almost equally fascinated with the mechanics of spinning and so began making me these spindles which we’re offering now in a kit with 2 oz. of natural Corriedale. I chose Corriedale fiber to offer as I find it to be a super easy fiber to begin with, the perfect amount of crimp and slip which makes drafting relatively easy, even for a beginner. I am not offering any tutorials on spinning as I am a relative novice myself and there are already so many fantastic resources available. I have found Abby Franquemont’s videos on YouTube extremely helpful.
Enjoy your new spindle!